//Using The Copy Data App With Your Office Application

Using The Copy Data App With Your Office Application

Access this email from your Android and download the attached files. Browse through your files and select everything that you’d like to move to your Android. Download and install the OneDrive application to your iPhone, from the Apple Appstore. Another example would be the Huawei Phone Clone. Within less than half an hour, you can then check your Samsung device and see all your iPhone data there. Choose whether to transfer WhatsApp or to transfer the other 17 types of data.

  • But before you hit that delete account button, download your archive for safe-keeping and any future perusals down memory lane.
  • Feel like you’re incompetent for great things?
  • Launch UltFone WhatsApp Transfer, click on Viber icon and choose “Backup” from the top.
  • It will also show you a list of those events which you were tagged by your friends.

I hadn’t actively deleted our Messenger conversations. I needed to delete the history of our conversations in order to erase it from Facebook’s digital memory … And mine if I ever want to look back at my data and not see those conversations.

Call logs are recorded on your device any time that you make or receive a phone call. These logs also include any Face Time and WhatsApp calls. Call logs include the date that the call was made and the duration of the call. TouchCopy can be used to copy your iPhone contacts to your PC or Mac. Contacts can be copied to your hard drive as vCard (.vcf) files. Alternatively, you can copy your contacts directly into Microsoft Outlook on PC or Address Book on Mac OS X.

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Only copying to SD and file properties work on BIS partitions. Writing to and deleting are disabled unless enabled like system save data. With everything up and running on your new device, you can safely reset the old one—just wait a few days to make sure the switch has been successful.

And hopefully any in-app purchases, extra content you’ve bought or services you’ve signed up to through the Android app will be accessible on your iPhone. Return to your iPhone and you should see a screen with the title Move from Android. Tap Continue and you will be presented with a code. Type this one into the Android app, select the data you want to move, then tap Next and the process should begin. I come across people who intend to switch to iPhone but are concerned about their Android devices’ data. I hope these steps helped you step out of the dark zone and become a proud iPhone user with your data in place.

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So if you would like to transfer from iPhone to Samsung, just simply click the “Flip” button to change positions of Android phone and iPhone. Though Pushbullet Pro is a wonderful app, it’s not free. You need to pay $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year, which may be a little expensive for some people. It does have a free version, but the free one has many limitations. For instance, you can only transfer files smaller than 25MB. Tap “Scan to connect” and scan the code on the computer screen.


Login to your account and go to the album which you want to save. In the right side of the album title, you will find the Settings icon. Choose the right backup version and click “Restore” to begin the restore process. Click the “Device” button and choose “Restore Backup”. Switch on “iCloud Backup” and click “Back Up Now” to start backing up the data on your old iPad.

Let’s select the Frequently used shortcuts table. This is where we put the web address or URL of the website from which we want to scrape data. Switch to your web browser copy my data apk and copy the URL.

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